BuildBox is made up of many components, so the buildbox-home repo is designed to house documentation for BuildBox as a whole.

What is BuildBox?

BuildBox is a suite of tools for remote build execution, conforming to the Remote Execution API and the Remote Workers API. It is highly configurable and extensible, and has support for Linux, AIX, and Solaris platforms.

BuildBox works as the worker implementation for remote execution services such as BuildGrid and Buildbarn, and integrates with clients such as BuildStream which distribute builds to workers.

What’s going on?

recc, the Remote Execution Caching Compiler, is now part of the BuildGrid organization and has new docs.

We fixed an issue with a REAPI field, ActionResult.execution_metadata.auxiliary_metadata, that had the potential to break JSON conversion when populated with an unknown protobuf message (https://gitlab.com/BuildGrid/buildbox/buildbox/-/issues/81). buildbox tools are now defensive against that scenario in order to support messages generated by other REAPI-compliant tools.

Getting started

Please refer to the documentation for installation and usage (TODO) instructions.