Installing BuildBox requires the user to follow the buildbox-common installation guide (detailed below), and then repeating the last “Compiling” step for each BuildBox component they wish to install on top of that.


buildbox-common relies on:

  • gRPC

  • Protobuf

  • CMake

  • GoogleTest

  • glog

  • pkg-config

  • OpenSSL



Install major dependencies along with some other packages through apt:

[sudo] apt-get install cmake gcc g++ googletest libgoogle-glog-dev pkg-config libssl-dev uuid-dev

Install the googletest, and googlemock binaries

cd /usr/src/googletest && mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && [sudo] make install

On Ubuntu, as of 18.04LTS, the package versions of protobuf and grpc are too old for use with buildbox-common. Therefore manual build and install is necessary. The instructions below for installing the protobuf compiler and grpc are synthesized from the grpc source.

Last tested with `grpc` version: 1.20.0 and `protoc` version: 3.8.0

Clone and install the latest release of grpc

[sudo] apt-get install build-essential autoconf libtool pkg-config
git clone -b $(curl -L
cd grpc
git submodule update --init
[sudo] make install

Check to see if protoc is installed by running protoc –version, if not found, install the protobuf compiler.

Inside the above grpc directory run:

cd third_party/protobuf
[sudo] make install

On Debian 10 and newer versions of Ubuntu, you can simply install the packages with apt:

[sudo] apt-get install grpc++ libprotobuf-dev libgmock-dev protobuf-compiler-grpc


Once you’ve installed the dependencies, you can compile buildbox-common using the following commands in the buildbox-common directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && [sudo] make [install]

Docker images

Docker images are published for each buildbox project on the GitLab registry. For example:

In addition, a nightly image containing all the buildbox components can be obtained from