Installing BuildBox requires the user to follow the buildbox installation guide (detailed below).


buildbox relies on:

  • gRPC

  • Protobuf

  • CMake

  • GoogleTest

  • glog

  • pkg-config

  • OpenSSL



Install major dependencies along with some other packages through apt:

[sudo] apt-get install cmake gcc g++ googletest libgoogle-glog-dev pkg-config libssl-dev uuid-dev

Install the googletest, and googlemock binaries

cd /usr/src/googletest && mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && [sudo] make install

On Ubuntu, as of 18.04LTS, the package versions of protobuf and grpc are too old for use with buildbox. Therefore manual build and install is necessary. The instructions below for installing the protobuf compiler and grpc are synthesized from the grpc source.

Last tested with `grpc` version: 1.20.0 and `protoc` version: 3.8.0

Clone and install the latest release of grpc

[sudo] apt-get install build-essential autoconf libtool pkg-config
git clone -b $(curl -L
cd grpc
git submodule update --init
[sudo] make install

Check to see if protoc is installed by running protoc –version, if not found, install the protobuf compiler.

Inside the above grpc directory run:

cd third_party/protobuf
[sudo] make install

On Debian 10 and newer versions of Ubuntu, you can simply install the packages with apt:

[sudo] apt-get install grpc++ libprotobuf-dev libgmock-dev protobuf-compiler-grpc


Once you’ve installed the dependencies, you can compile buildbox using the following commands in the buildbox directory:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && [sudo] make [install]

Docker images

Docker images are published on the GitLab registry. For example:

In addition, a nightly image containing all the buildbox components can be obtained from