StatsD Metrics

buildbox-worker and buildbox-casd support collecting and publishing metrics that allow to measure and quantify their work. Those values follow the StatsD format.

Enabling metric collection

Both components have the following options:

  • --metrics-mode=MODE

Options for MODE are:
  • "udp://localhost:50051"

  • "file:///tmp"

  • "stderr"

Only one metric output mode can be specified.

  • --metrics-publish-interval=VALUE

Publish metric at the specified interval rate in seconds, defaults 15 seconds

Values published

For a list of the metrics that are collected and published, as well as the identifying name for each value (StatsD bucket), see the following source files:

Code instrumentation

The different metric types and publishers are implemented in buildboxcommon::buildboxcommonmetrics. It also provides convenience functions that allow to easily instrument code without disrupting its flow. The documentation for that can be found here.